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Portfolio management

Are you looking for higher returns? Are you considering investments into securities but don't have enough time, experience or information? Use our experienced brokers to take care of your money.

Brokers have professional specialization and meet the conditions stipulated by the Czech National Bank for brokerage activities. They are equipped with various applications for direct access to stock markets and professional information sources from Bloomberg and Reuters, allowing them to immediately take advantage of opportunities to grow their client's portfolio. Their top-class equipment also helps to limit losses during negative trends on the market that must always be considered when investing in stocks. You also have the opportunity to earn exceptional returns on your funds without any demands in terms of time or experience, taking advantage of the benefits offered by stocks over other forms of savings.

What can we offer you?

  • Professional management of funds by an experienced broker at a leading Czech securities brokerage company starting at CZK 250,000.
  • The ability to select an investment strategy best matching your needs.
  • The ability to immediately control your investment portfolio using our e-Broker application.
  • Quarterly written statements as to results achieved including accompanying commentary.
  • Portfolio assurance against currency risk for investment strategies using international markets


Strategy Investment focus Minimum deposit
Domestic The highest quiality titles on the Czech Market. CZK 250,000
Conservative Index and sector stocks in preferred sectors. CZK 250,000
Balanced Index stocks, sector stocks and debt titled focused on value stocks. CZK 250,000
Growth Stocks of developing companies without any need to focus on main indexes. CZK 250,000
Growth - traditional markets Stocks of developing companies on American and German markets CZK 250,000

Notice: Past returns are no guarantee of future performance.

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