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Electronic account management is a modern and effective method for quickly managing your finances from the comfort of home. Fio Internetbanking can be arranged for any Fio current or savings account. Encryption is used to secure the full security of your banking transactions.

Fio Internetbanking benefits

  • Czech credits and debits - free.
  • Czech and Slovak credits and debits - free.
  • Option to test out Internetbanking demo for 30 days.
  • Internetbanking can be set up for free, you will not pay any fees or monthly charges.
  • A variety of functions and easy control.
  • A high level of fraud protection - using mobile application or single SMS codes.
  • Control your account from any computer connected to the internet.
  • Unlimited transaction history and optional settings for alerts, informing you of account movements as you want.
  • Online payments using Payment gateways.

How can I set up Internetbanking?

You can set up electronic account management for any current or savings account or term deposit at any bank branch. A resident of the Czech Republic can open a current account online.


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