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Internetbanking API

API Banking enables secure and automated processing of bank statements and transactions for accounts held at Fio banka. With API Banking services, you receive an instant overview of transactions on your account and you don't even need to be logged in to your Internetbanking account.

  • Links your accounts and accounting system
  • You can submit mass payments
  • You can see immediately what is going on in the accounts
  • The API is free of charge

API Banking is the perfect solution for e-shops and other companies that need to download their bank statements directly into accounting programs. Instant access to transaction details allow you to respond quickly by automatically shipping merchandise or providing other services to your customers.

Account transaction data can be provided in a number of formats including: XML, MT940, OFX, GPC, CSV, JSON, HTML and PDF.

Through API Banking mass payments can be submitted. These can be imported into the banking system in the ABO format or XML and they will be ready for authorization in the Internetbanking as a single batch (see section "Reports", page "Payments to authorize"). You may submit any domestic and foreign payments in the XML format.

  • More information and a Fio API Banking installation manual are available here.

Fio API Plus

Many of those interested in the API Banking service will also use the Fio API Plus application. This application has been specifically designed for those who don't want to program their own interface for API Banking, but who are interested in the advantages it provides. With Fio API Plus you can regularly and quickly download bank statements or account transactions in a number of different formats. The application, just like API Banking, is completely free for all clients!

  • Fio API Plus is free
  • The manual for the Fio API Plus application can be found here.
  • An overview of the Fio API Plus application can be found here.

Download Fio API Plus


Access to account data can be created by the owner or another individual with permission to access an account within the Internetbanking application. All communication between the bank and the user's workstation is encrypted using SSL protocol.

Open banking

Our developer interface is for licensed entities to connect to our systems and use selected banking data.This allows them to create other useful applications.

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