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American mortgages

An American mortgage is a special type of loan that provides you with unrestricted options in order to meet any of your financing needs. These mortgages are always secured with a lien on real estate.

American mortgages are also available for specific uses, such as financing the purchase of non-residential space associated with a residence (such as a garage, etc.), refinancing to recoup an investment or for other purposes related to investments in housing that cannot be financed with a standard mortgage product.

This product is specifically intended for individuals and sole proprietors over the age of 18 who are Czech or EU citizens with temporary or permanent address in the Czech Republic for at least 1 year.

Why choose an American mortgage?

  • We offer the following at absolutely no charge: providing the loan, maintaining current and loan accounts, reserving funds and drawing the loan
  • A special discount is offered on loans over CZK 1 million and a 0.4 % discount on mortgage refinancing
  • There are no added charges when you purchase non-residential space related to housing (e.g. garage, etc.) or refinance to recoup invested funds
  • You also can select additional service like the Mortgage saving account (for individuals with loans of more than CZK 1.88 million and for sole proprietors)
  • Some types of non-residential property can be used as collateral
  • Loan amounts are capped at 70 - 80 % of the value of the property (given by the type of collateral)
  • More than 80 branches are available to you across the entire Czech Republic.
  • Please find an overview of interest rates here (in Czech).
  • Calculate your mortgage rates
  • A representative example of American mortgages

Drawing the loan

The loan can be drawn 20 days from concluding the loan agreement at the earliest and the maximum duration of drawing the loan is 3 months.


An American mortgage is repaid in the form of monthly annuity instalments that are direct debited from a current account maintained at Fio banka at no charge. Instalments are a set, fixed amount for the duration of the interest rate fixation.

Annuity instalments include interest from the loan and a portion of the principle for the loan. Clients pay the first annuity instalment by the 15th day of the month following the month of the agreed end to drawing the loan.

We offer the extra payment option for individuals with loans sole proprietors at no charge, which means they are free to repay up to 100 % of the agreed loan amount every year outside of the date on which fixed interest rates or margin validity change.

Another mortgage service is the Mortgage saving account (for individuals with loans of more than CZK 1.88 million and for sole proprietors), which allows you to earn greater returns on your available funds used to repay your mortgage. Do you have extra funds that you want to have available at any time you need them? Look no farther than the Mortgage saving account. If the account balance is higher than CZK 50,000 no interest will be charged on the outstanding principal of the mortgage up to the balance of the Mortgage saving account. Service origination costs are included in the interest rate calculation for the mortgage.


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