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Fio mortgage

Are you looking for a larger flat or family home, or are you looking for an improvement, to invest in the future for your children or to finally get out and live by yourself? There are many reasons to take advantage of a Fio mortgage. Convince yourself of all the things we can help you with.

Do you need to finance the purchase of or improve your housing? Calculate how much you can borrow and how much a Fio mortgage will cost!

A Fio mortgage is a standard mortgage for physical persons over 18 who are citizens of the Czech Republic or foreigners with temporary residency (EEA residents) or permanent residency in the Czech Republic for more than 1 year (others). Residential real estate in the Czech Republic can be financed using a Fio mortgage.

Why a Fio mortgage?

  • No fees for loan origination, current and loan account administration, reserving funds or for drawing funds.
  • Discount of 0,4 % applies to refinancing mortgages up to 70 % loan-to-value with incident free customer´s credit history
  • You also can select additional services with a mortgage including free early payments or the Mortgage Savings Account.
  • You can check current interest rates here.
  • Available at more than 70 branches across the Czech Republic.

Reduce your interest to 0% and pay less each month

Do you have savings of at least CZK 50,000? Let them reduce your interest and thus monthly mortgage payments. Your money is available at any time, and you can save money every month.

Deposit your free funds (minimum CZK 50,000) on the Hyposavings account, which is completely free, and we will not charge you any interest on the principal amount corresponding to your current Hyposavings account balance.

If your balance on the Hyposavings account is equal to the principal of the mortgage for the whole period of its repayment your interest rate will be 0% per annum and you will only repay the principal. Thus, you will not pay any charges at all. Your savings will still be available and you can freely dispose of them, even withdraw all the balance any time.

Exceptional instalment

Our mortgage can be repaid prematurely at any time without any fees and penalties (except for loan refinancing from another bank). It is up to you how often you will make extraordinary payments and how much this extraordinary instalment will be. You can even repay prematurely the entire loan with your own funds for free.

Rate type Rate fixed for 5 years
Mortgage amount from 1 mil. CZK to 1 mil. CZK
Refinancing 5,08 % 5,18 %
Purchase 5,18 % 5,28 %
Other 5,48 % 5,58 %

Guaranteed rates are valid for loans up to 80% of the value of the property and assuming all conditions for discounts are fulfilled. Rates with less than 5 year fixation can be found out throug our Mortgage calculator.


Mortgage calculator



Mortgages must always involve a lien on the collateral provided for the loan, e.g. real estate in the Czech Republic and Fio banka must be the primary lien holder. This lien must be on the financed real estate (including partially completed structures or lands) or on other suitable residential real estate (finished and provided with use permits). Real estate price appraisals will be completed by Fio banka's contracted assessors based on an order from the loan applicant. In exceptional cases (e.g. refinancing), an appraisal completed by a different appraiser can be provided.

The following can be used as collateral:

  • A flat,
  • Family home,
  • Recreation structure (individual recreation),
  • Apartment building with up to 3 units,
  • Building lots for residential construction.

Payment protection insurance

Do you want to be insured for unexpected life situations? Make sure you get a payment protection insurance that will help you secure your loan repayment in the following situations:

  • In case of death
  • In case of third degree disability
  • In case of incapacity to work
  • In case of loss of employment

By arranging repayment insurance, you will get a 0.2% discount on the interest rate.

Insurance options

Package A - death + third degree disability - the fee is 0.6% of mortgage amount per annum

Package B - death + third degree disability + incapacity to work - the fee is 0.7% of mortgage amount per annum

Package C - death + third degree disability + incapacity to work + loss of employment - the fee is 0.85% of mortgage amount per annum

The insurance can be arranged for new and existing mortgages (the interest rate will be decreased from the second installment following insurance activation).


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