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Fio Business Account

Fio banka offers entrepreneurs, trade license holders and companies a current account under the same conditions as for physical persons. Fio business accounts are valued thanks to the number of operations that can be completed at no cost and without any limits. Why pay for every transaction when there is a bank that doesn't charge unnecessary fees?

Fio banka offers AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HUF, CHF, JPY, NOK, PLN, RUB, SEK and USD bank accounts for free.

Business account benefits

  • Account opening, management, cancelling - free.
  • Internetbanking and Smartbanking for iOS, Android - free
  • API banking and Api plus application
  • Czech credits and debits - free.
  • Czech-Slovak credits and debits - free.
  • Contactless payment card Mastercard or Visa - free.
  • Payment card for other person - free.
  • Unlimited Fio banka ATM withdrawals monthly - free.
  • Unlimited free withdrawals from any ATM in the Czech Republic and abroad with Visa card - free.
  • Standing orders, SIPO and direct debits - free.
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals at a branch (above CZK 1000) - free.

Other Fio Business account advantages

  • You can open your account in 14 currencies
  • Eurozone credits and debits are completely free
  • Transfers between Fio banka accounts online and free
  • Transfers between Czech and Slovak Fio banka accounts are also online and free

Please note that due to the current situation and international sanctions, we do not process incoming or outgoing payments in RUB currency, even payments where conversion from/to RUB currency takes place. Only payments in RUB currency within Fio banka, where no conversion takes place, are allowed.


Calculator of fees

Choose account number on request

This service is available for all new current and business accounts. Account number on request can be set for all accounts, where haven´t been proceeded any transaction yet. One visit of the branch is the key. Number has to follow these rules:

  • It can't be used by other client (occupied)
  • It must consist of 8-10 characters (numbers)
  • It has to follow rules of Czech national bank (Modulo 11)

How it looks in practice? Either you can get your desired number ready (it must follow the rules of Modulo 11) or you can arrange it with our client service at one of our branches, where you can together find the most suitable solution.

For example account number derived from date of birth can be prepared just by trying to add 0 or 9 before desired number sequence (DDMMYYYY, for example). After verification, that number suits to prescribed format, client service check if number is not occupied or in contrary to standard numerical series of Fio banka.

Do you want to open a business account with Fio banka?

You can open a business account at any of more than 80 branches across the Czech Republic - find more information here!

Tips for other business products

In addition to free account management, business clients are also provided with Internetbanking featuring an unlimited transaction history and a number of functions, great foreign and domestic payments and a wide range of financing options.


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